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Why Use PKM for your Markers?

We have been serving Energy Transfer for over 15 years, starting back with Aquilla Energy.  We have built a reputation in the industry for High Quality Long Lasting Products and great customer service!


The sign business has moved towards quick turnaround, lower quality products.  Many products are digitally printed, even direct to metal using UV cured inks.  I loved the idea until I found out that the best UV cured inks I could get would last 2-3 years outdoors.  The problem is that to get it cured rapidly, you have to put down a very thin layer of ink and this rapidly wears out. 


We decided to stick with screenprinted, thermoset (baked) enamel inks that are fully cured by a 15 minute bake at 275 degrees, which produces a 15+ year product that is scratch resistant.  We do this even on large signs (waterways, large station signs, etc) whereas, most of our competitors have gone the direct print route.  We are one of only a few that can still give you durable outdoor signage!

The same quality-first considerations go into all the products that we make and we believe that this is still important in your industry because of the remoteness and inaccessibility of many of your regulated signs.

We truly do care about your needs and want to be a valuable partner to Energy Transfer and related entities.   Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

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